Product Focused

  • Good Business

    $8.33 USD/mo
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    • Free software. 75 products to get your enterprise started.
      Image galleries - Think photographers
  • Small Business - Enterprise

    $20.83 USD/mo
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    • This package has the power most small organisations need to begin thier projects. Any business that has been actively markteting successfully starts here.
  • Small Business - Titan

    $41.67 USD/mo
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    • have 25 or more employees. Is your administrative assistant not getting his/her emails to you? Ecommerce orders slowing down your site or is your site just slow? This package is one step away from dedicated hardware. The maximum power that can be given in our shared environment is given.
  • Small Business - Dedicated

    $77.70 USD/mo
    $200.00 Setup Fee
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    • Power and/or Data security is usually the reason some of our clients opt for dedicated servers. While this is not our only offering. For those who have outgrown our first package or for those who want an immediate solution while we take the time to propose something more customized this is a great starting point. SSD drives and virtualization available!